Family Law

From my perspective, Mr. Steven Cytryn, is the best lawyer I have met in the Family Law field.

It’s funny because I had actually worked out a plan with one of the partners at the firm he worked at. We had found out once the case was scheduled on the docket that the lawyer I had met with was unable to represent me for that day. He said not to worry, I was going to work with Mr. Cytryn. From that point on, I am exceedingly happy with him. He dedicates an amazing amount of time to your case even if your not corresponding everyday. He is ALWAYS PREPARED.

He is so very educated, do not let his youth fool you. Yet he can still simplify things for people who are unfamiliar with the family court world, like myself in the beginning.
The first Lawyer I ever hired, NOT from the firm Mr. Cytryn works out of. Sold me a dream, but did not deliver. In fact his ego was so large he felt like he didn’t need any history or any evidence, “He did these cases in his sleep.” At court I looked like an absolute fool. I see many people fall into the same trap I did my first try.

My second try, though I had Mr. Cytryn by my side. We have been to court a few times for a few different matters and he has always given me “Best Case Scenario” vs “Worse Case Scenario”. He’s never sugar coated anything to make himself look good, and he’s only EVER represented me with the absolute respect.

Honestly, when you’re in a situation where your child’s best interest is at stake, what matters more?

Representation with no ego attached, just facts. A lawyer who want history from over “X” amount of years ago. A lawyer who is going to ADVOCATE for you and the ones you love. He cannot make the judges mind up on the topic, but he can show the judge ALL the things they are supposed to know.
I will forever be grateful for him.

– Caitlin


Mr. Cytryn represented me in my divorce. I will say that I was very pleased with his services. He always made sure to explain things to me so I would fully understand the issue. I always felt that he was truly looking out for me and what was best for me in the long run. I would highly recommend Mr. Cytryn.

– Elyna

Estate Trial

I must commend Steven on what a great job he did on my Moms Estate. We had to go to trial and all the effort and time he put into this case made us win for sure… I would recommend him without a doubt.

– Lisa

Estate/Tenants in common

Meeting Steven for the first time my siblings and I were at ease right from the start. He asked the questions, we gave the answers. He was detailed to the final minutes of our trial. My mom passed away and owned a home with another person, because there was no will, we sought help and went to Stevens firm. He advised me as the oldest child what my responsibilities were and what I needed to do legally to protect my moms interest. The other owner filed suit against us and that’s when Steven went into high gear and began his case, a case that we won. Steven is compassionate, sincere, honest, professional and detailed lawyer. I feel very confident that if I need to find legal representation or anyone I know is seeking legal representation I and my siblings would recommend Steven Cytryn.

– Donna

Excellent attorney

Steven is an excellent attorney. All divorces are horrible but without getting into details mine was exceptionally bad by anyone’s standards. Steven was very patient with me explained everything so I could understand and gave great advice on how to proceed. He was also great at getting back to me promptly . I can not say enough good about him he was truly exceptional and I would, will and have already recommended him highly!

– Beth