Coming to an agreement on child custody is never easy; even when couples seek the most amicable solutions. When divorce is contentious to begin with, child custody becomes a major flashpoint and among the most difficult issues between combative spouses.
Divorce means change: you may live in a different home, you may not see your children every day anymore and your economic situation may be more of a challenge than it once was.
Child custody is often one of the most difficult issues parents face during a divorce. When divorcing spouses cannot come to an agreement, mediation is usually the first step. This may be followed by a Custody Neutral Assessment.
Child support is a debt owed: not just because the courts say so, but because children depend upon financial support and are entitled to economic security. Some estimates put the amount of unpaid child support as high as $113 billion dollars throughout the U.S
Even when spouses are unable to resolve their differences and wind up getting a divorce, most want their children to have a healthy and loving relationships with each parent. So do the courts, since that is what is considered to be in the best interest of the child. Unfortunately, when a divorce is especially acrimonious or there are factors which create extreme tension, children may become pawns in a game of “getting back” at the other parent.