As the times change, so do divorce laws. But a surprising number of people still retain old perceptions about New Jersey divorce laws that are no longer true — or never were true!
How long your divorce will take is a question complicated by several factors. how well prepared you are, how far apart you and your spouse are in your expectations, how you deal with issues, how well you communicate and, if necessary, the quality of professional help you enlist to facilitate your divorce.
Getting a divorce in New Jersey is generally quicker, cheaper and easier if it proceeds as an uncontested divorce — where both parties agree on the major issues and are prepared to sign a marital settlement agreement.
Whether you make the decision alone or with your spouse, divorce throws up many considerations, questions, and potential complexities. One of the main things you’re probably wondering is how does it all start? What processes must be navigated and how can you ensure that you follow the rules so that there are no unnecessary hiccups or delays to your divorce?
Requesting child support modifications in NJ Child support is a complex matter. The court takes several factors into consideration when determining an appropriate amount of child support. These details include the child’s financial needs, the income and financial resources of both parents, and the custody agreement. Whether you are the custodial parent or the paying […]