When a loved one dies, there is a period of grieving. Then comes the time when the estate is distributed among the beneficiaries—which may bring its own type of grief.
Divorcing is emotional, of course, but there are other aspects of divorce that you need to consider. It is going to affect you financially as you will need to live on one income instead of two, and may need to reenter the job market after a long absence from the workforce.
Few issues are more politically charged than those surrounding immigration. If you were married to an undocumented immigrant and are seeking a divorce, you have both questions and concerns regarding how to proceed, what your rights are and what the courts will take into consideration.
A deposition is part of the discovery phase of a divorce, meaning that evidence is being collected by your divorce lawyer that may benefit you in areas from spousal support to parenting time.
It’s not unusual to have doubts after you’ve made a big, life-changing decision—especially about going through with a divorce. Perhaps you and your spouse have talked things over and both of you are feeling differently now than when you originally filed for divorce and wish to try to work things out.